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The company:

This company of olive oil producers was born in 1963 with the intention of providing to more than 1,500 local growers, a technologically advanced grinding mill to press olives from which to obtain a good, genuine and quality end product. All stages of production, from growing, harvesting and pressing the olives, until the final bottling of the olive oil, takes place in the territory of the Cimini Mountains.
The olives, ground within 24 hours after being harvesting by hand, or with mechanical aids, are the Canino, Frantoio, and Leccino variety. The olive oil is then stored in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature, nitrogen cooled.
What characterizes the olive oil is its sweet taste with a note of bitterness, spiciness and a fruity resonance of fresh olives with notes of herbs and bitter almond. The passion and care devoted to the production of olive oil has recognized the Cioccolini Frantoio with several national awards such as the Silver Medal for the “Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Latium” in the Medium Fruity category at the Ercole Olivario National competition.

The company produces:

  • Extra virgin olive oil 100% Italian.