Here a few simple rules to better identify the various aspects of a virgin olive oil:

  1. Look at the oil against the light, shaking it in the bottle to evaluate its fluidity
  2. Pour about one tablespoon of olive oil into a small glass. Any amount larger does not increase flavor, so this amount is enough.
  3. Sniff the sample trying to discern pleasing or displeasing sensations, inhale slowly and deeply two or three times to detect any pleasant or unpleasant sensations.
  4. Warm the contents of the glass in the palms of your hands, so as to release and enhance the volatile aromas. Taste the oil, first sucking it slowly and gently, and then more strongly so that it evaporates in the oral cavity and comes into direct contact with the taste buds.
  5. Rest the olive oil in your mouth, moving your tongue slowly against your palate.
  6. Suck again, with the tongue against the palate and the lips slightly open. (Repeat from point 4 several times, holding the oil in your mouth for about 20 seconds each time)
  7. Spit out the olive oil
  8. Evaluate carefully the retroolfactory sensations, moving your tongue against your palate.

The best advice to give to a novice olive oil taster is to take your time, do not swallow, but spit out the olive oil and memorize as many sensations as you can.