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The company:

Frantoio Paolocci is a family run business. Its origins date back to the early 1900s, when the lawyer Agostino Paolocci, a passionate farmer, bought a traditional grinding mill stone, intended primarily for family needs, but then soon became a place of reference for nearby, local olive farms.
Today the olive oil mill is managed by Stefano and Fausto Paolocci, brothers who personally oversee the milling operations, which have since been updated and modernized with the technologies. For this reason, olives that are carefully selected yield an excellent olive oil, in limited quantity, and offered in four types: Classico, Tracciato, Tuscia PDO and Organic. Frantoio Paolocci only uses olives that are grown locally and the prevailing variety used is the Caninese olive.
The olives are harvested via a mixed method, both manual and mechanical, and the olives are milled with a three-phase centrifugal process.
The organoleptic characteristics of the olive oil are characterized by a deep green color, a fruity strong flavor with a delicate balance between bitter and spice and a low acidity (between 0.15 – 0.20).

The company produces:

  • Extra virgin olive oil Classico
  • Extra virgin olive oil Tracciato
  • Extra virgin olive oil Tuscia PDO
  • Organic extra virgin olive oil