Via Pietro Nenni, 1  –  01011 Canino  (VT)
Tel./Ph.: +39.0761.438095 – +39.335.6436436
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The company:

The Canino Olive oil company is a cooperative founded in 1988 by members who cultivate olive trees in the area of Canino. The 130 members who are now part of the cooperative, are united by a passion for olives and olive oil. The production, which takes place in the respect of the environment, history and culture of the area, brings to market an excellent product, certified organic and DOP Canino throughout the entire production process.
The olive harvest is done by hand and with the aid of mechanical tools, from late October to mid-December, when the olives reach peak maturity. The harvested olives are milled daily with a continuous cycle and at a controlled temperature (no higher than 27°C) via cold press extraction which produces an olive oil that maintains many of the original olive features.
The extra virgin olive oil Canino PDO, obtained from Canino, Leccino, Pendolino, Maurino and Frantoio olives, has an emerald green color with golden hues, is fruity in flavor and tastes like harvested olives picked at peak ripeness, has a strong flavor with a bitter and spicy aftertaste.

The company produces:

  • Extra virgin olive oil Canino PDO.