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The company:

The estate, located in Tuscia in the heart of the territory that belonged to the ancient Etruscan people, was founded in 1928 by the brothers Sergio and Sante Delle Monache and was mainly dedicated to growing olives.
In the sixties the property remained exclusively to Sergio, who was dedicated to improving the quality of olive oil produced. The farm, whose soil is of volcanic origin, is located at an altitude of 280 meters and it extends for about 20 hectares and has over 2,500 olive trees, partly secular.
In 2012 the company was managed by his son Francesco, who created the organic extra virgin olive oil Tamia certified Tuscia DOP.

The olive oil is characterized by an intense golden yellow color with greenish hues, aromatic with hints of artichoke, celery and balsamic notes of mint and rosemary. Broad and tasteful it has herbal undertones of chicory, lettuce and basil, is sharp and hints of fresh almond, with bitter and pungent notes.

The company produces:

  • Organic extra virgin olive oil Tuscia PDO;
  • Maurino olive organic extra virgin olive oil;
  • Organic extra virgin olive oil monocultivar Canino.