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The company:

OP Latium is the organization at the helm of the Lazio producers of olive oil and its purpose is to help improve the quality of the olive oil products, market them in the best light possible through accountability and certification, and by following all the required steps during each stage of olive oil production “from harvest to the bottle”. OP Latium was founded in 2011 at the request of a select few members and cooperatives in the Sabina area.
With about 9,000 members spread over all 5 provinces of the Latium region, this represents the largest organization of olive oil producers in the region.
The combination of secular traditions with newer innovations regarding the cultivation of the olive tree, ensures that the best quality olives are harvested. Together with the more modern production facilities of grinding and milling the olives at lower temperatures, ensures a higher quality and yield of extra virgin olive oil.

The company produces:

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Extra virgin olive oil Sabina PDO
  • Table olives.