Via Colonnetta, 53 – 02034 Montopoli di Sabina (RI)
Tel./Ph.: +39.348.9021567
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The company:

The organic agricultural farm Menichelli Agnese, inserted in the ‘’Olive oil Circuit and producer of typical products of the Sabina area’’ is headquartered near a natural water spring called ‘’Caraville’’.
Apart from a small vineyard, fruit trees and a vegetable garden, the main scope of the company is to cultivate of olive trees from which they can extract an excellent organic olive oil from this PDO Sabina area called ‘’Caraville”.
The extra virgin olive oil Sabina PDO “Caraville” is made from the Carboncella, Frantoio, Leccino, Raja and Olivastro variety of olives.
The olives are harvested by a semi-automatic, or manual stripping method, and the production process is characterized by an extreme attention to accuracy in order to obtain an excellent final product.

The company produces:

  • Organic extra virgin olive oil Sabina PDO.