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The company:

The Torrino dei Gelsi, an olive farm located half an hour outside of Rome, is immersed in the greenery of the Roman countryside, among the ruins of the Roman aqueducts, secular mulberry and olive trees and rolling hills.
The family run farm, which is also a farmhouse tourism destination, is totally dedicated to the production of olive oil. In fact, they produce an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. At the beginning of the 1900s, The Azienda Agricola Il Torrino dei Gelsi was already renowned for its production of extra virgin olive oil, and in 1921 its founder, Cesare Manni received one of the highest recognitions from the Industrial Congress for the excellent qualities of his olive oil. During its 100 year history, this company has continued the long family tradition thanks to the founder’s grandson Livio Terrilli, who produces an olive oil following the guidelines imparted through the generations by his grandfather Cesare in order to obtain an oil that is 100% extra virgin.

The company produces:

  • Extra virgin olive oil;
  • Olive cream paté;
  • Olives cured in salt;
  • Truffle olive oil.