Loc. Ferronio – 02038 Scandriglia - Ponticelli (RI)
Tel./Ph.: +39.0765.89310 - +39.328.8697949 - +39.328.1909015
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web: www.ferronio.it

The Company:

The Ferronio agricultural farm was founded about 50 years ago in upper Sabina, in the north-east portion of the Latium region and covers approximately 50 hectares and is characterized by old and new varieties of olives such as Carboncella, Moraiolo and Leccino.
The olive oil tradition of this family run business dates back to the early 1900, when the greatgrandparents of the current owner already cultivated olive groves and produced olive oil. Thanks to the climatic characteristics of the area, the olive oil produced is particularly appreciated for its fruity flavor, its green color and its fragrant aroma.

The company produces:

  • Organic extra virgin olive oil.